Our Mission

I can quantify the impact that martial arts have had on my life, and I want to provide the same opportunities to other young people. To impact the lives of those that might not normally be able to experience the gift of martial arts. To help provide the world with strong, responsible, productive, driven, and disciplined people that possess the necessary elements of integrity: all the qualities that breed success.

  1. The average GPA of students in our martial arts class is generally 24% higher than the national average.
  2. The number of kids with discipline problems in a quality martial arts program is virtually non-existent.
  3. The future productivity levels of those who graduate from a respected martial arts program are exponentially higher than that of the national average.
  4. Kids in a martial arts program learn to achieve on their own, and they understand the value of hard work and accomplishment.
  5. Bullying is drastically reduced on the receiving end, and virtually eliminated on the giving end.
  6. The crime/arrest rate of adult martial artists is exponentially lower than the national average.

Generally speaking, a quality martial arts program simply breeds better people. It can potentially fix a damaged life, and can only enhance an already happy and productive life.

The Christmas Fourteen project was established to change just a little part of our world. It is our goal to help facilitate placing students, who wouldn’t normally be able to afford it, into an accepted and participating martial arts program. Funds will be raised by selling the highest quality, limited edition, artist created & thought provoking merchandise. For the cost of a t-shirt, you can help change a person’s future. Christmas Fourteen sponsors all ages and genders, from children to adults.

  • All students will be required to sign a contract that will require them to attend class a minimum number of days per week, be punctual, perform certain academy duties, maintain a specific GPA (if they are still in school), and represent the academy with the highest level of integrity and respect. At the Christmas Fourteen project, nothing is free. We simply want to assist people in helping themselves.
  • A page of all sponsored students can be viewed to monitor each student’s progress and achievements.
  • A page containing all of our participating academies can be viewed to see their specific programs, mission statements, instructors, and exactly which sponsored students are under their guidance.
  • A sponsor page will contain the names of every individual that is helping to change our tomorrow (unless they prefer anonymity).

Martial arts changed my life, and I know it can change the lives of others. Together, we can change tomorrow.

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